By 1987 Chris had moved back to Kentucky for various reasons, and I moved from The Valley to Santa Monica for various reasons. It was there I rented a proper studio on 26th St. and had a place for a band to practice. Every member of the band was a media professional: Mike Badertscher (lead guitar) was/is an editor at Pacific Ocean Post; David Jacks (bass) was a producer with Metavision, Scot Fordyce (drums and bondage) was a multimedia producer with Redken Labs.

Thanks to a suggestion by Los Angeles media producer Jim Goalen, the concept turned into a band on stage standing behind a gauze screen (which, depending upon the lighting would either become invisible or display a projected image or a combination of both). We worked up an entire set of music accompanied by front-projected multimedia. This flyer for one of our shows was written, by the way, by Dan Mueller who now owns the Lawrence Company in Santa Monica. Our most notorious job was at a bar on Sunset Strip called The Central, which is now Johnny Dep's place. Our equipment blew up. That place has weird karma.



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